Every Kitchen Man countertop installation, whether granite, quartz, marble or one our other stone or concrete options, is custom manufactured. The Kitchen Man treats every job, regardless of size as a custom design. Your needs and the style of your kitchen are taken into account when we design to take advantage of the space, look and feel of your kitchen.

Every counter or vanity top is measured, templated and handcrafted to your exact specification to ensure a perfect fit. Edge details, sink openings, and joints are formed and cut with laser-guided precision and the skill that only comes with years of experience. Our professional design consultants take precise measurements and help you decide on the surface that not only matches your color preference but best suits your lifestyle.

Every countertop material we provide has different qualities and advantages. Marble differs from concrete, and quartz is quite different than granite. With this in mind, the experts at The Kitchen Man can offer guidance on which surface will be best suited for your particular use and circumstance.  We offer multiple edge detail options and creative accessory and backsplash combinations to make your countertops truly unique. From dramatic “stone bench” kitchen installations to the most delicate bathroom vanities, The Kitchen Man has the best selection of stone from which to choose.

In addition, most Kitchen Man countertop renovations can be completed in just seven days from template. This means no waiting to get the kitchen of your dreams. We work closely with every major home builder in the Cape Fear region, so just ask your contractor to let The Kitchen Man handle your countertops and we can save weeks off the construction project.

We have installed countertops in multi-million dollar homes in The Hamptons, and beach cottages in The Cape Fear. You can trust The Kitchen Man to make your countertops look exactly the way you want to for your own particular space, on time, and on budget.

Kitchen Man Edge Detail


Although some quartz countertops are actually made from quarried slabs of the natural stone, this is rare. Most tops you see today are an engineered material that is actually created through a process that mixes 93-95 percent ground natural quartz with 5-7 percent polymer resin. The result is an evenly-colored, non-porous surface that requires no sealing. Quartz has many advantages over granite and marble functionally but typically, cannot match the dramatic patterns and striations associated with naturally quarried stone. The choice then may be one of aesthetics, versus convenience. You may choose a more uniformly colored countertop that does not require sealing and is naturally more resistant to stains.  Whereas, traditionalists may go for a more deeply patterned slab of granite or marble that shows its millions of years in the making. At The Kitchen Man, our granite and marble countertops are polished and sealed upon installation and inspected annually for five years.



At The Kitchen Man, our usual choice for granite countertops is what is known as first quality stone. These slabs have no natural flaws such as cracks or large veins, or large rocks that do not match the rest of the stone. First quality stones are known to have a very consistent pattern and color running through the entire piece. The surface will be free from any defects, and the durability of the stone will be the strongest.

That being said, some customers prefer some natural veining that might make the slab look more dramatic. Some of these slabs are considered second quality and may require a highly skilled fabricator who can work around any natural flaws. At The Kitchen Man, we can make your choice, the best choice for you. So whether you are looking for uniformity or a bold and dramatic statement, your countertop has the character and appeal you desire.