Debating Between Granite & Quartz Kitchen Countertops? We can help!

If you are in the process of building or redesigning your kitchen, you’ve probably been functioning on very little sleep as you work toward creating the perfect space to meet your family’s needs. One of the major aspects to design is that of your kitchen countertops. We’re sure that you’ve heard different opinions on “the best” material to use as your kitchen countertops. When it comes to adding appealing design and value, two of the most sought after countertop materials are granite and quartz. If you’re struggling to choose the perfect natural stone for your kitchen, hopefully we can be of some assistance.

It’s no secret that both granite and quartz will give your home a dignified feel. Both options will add value to your home, however, there are some succinct differences between the two that you should know before making your choice.

Granite is by far one of the most popular choices for kitchen countertops today because it is so beautiful, available in a variety of colors, easy to clean and maintain, and hard to damage.  Granite has the added benefits of being resistant to bacteria and dirt, as well as heat. It typically runs about $45 per square foot.

Quartz is a man-made stone that is durable and naturally stain and bacteria resistant which means there is no added cost to seal them. Quartz is a stronger material than granite, making it less easy to be damaged. Quartz typically comes in at around $55 per square foot – a bit more expensive than granite for the extra durability.

Realistically, both quartz and granite kitchen countertops will provide your kitchen with an exquisite appearance that will last for years to come. Granite provides a more traditional feel to your kitchen, while quartz provides a more modern one, so the decision is ultimately dependant on what characteristics are most important to you and what your budget will allow.

If you have any questions about the differences between granite and quartz or are interested in scheduling a free estimate, contact us here at The Kitchen Man!