Keeping up with Countertop Trends

From natural stones to manufactured materials, there are so many options choose from when it comes to countertops these days. Whether you’re renovating for yourself or for resale, what’s the best way to ensure your investment in new countertops will payoff? It all starts with identifying the latest countertop trends.


Soapstone is a completely natural surface that also happens to be resistant to bacteria build up. Since it has a soft, muted finish it doesn’t require constant wiping to erase fingerprints, so it’s a great option for busy kitchens. Soapstone will scratch, but it is a very forgiving surface. Scratches add character and are incorporated into natural look of the stone. However, you can opt to sand out larger scratches by hand. So what’s “in”?  Well, soapstone just happens to be one of those classic choices that will stand the test of time. There are plenty of textures and finishes to choose from, and the natural colors and veining, similar to that in marble, can be stunning.


Before images of a sidewalk-like material come to mind, let’s clear the air. Concrete counters resemble natural stone. They are an affordable option that also allows nearly limitless customization when it comes to sizing and color. Coordinating with cabinets and flooring can be a cinch with a material like concrete. A polished patina for an industrial meets farmhouse style has been a popular option in recent years.


Looking for a countertop material that’s heat resistant, scratch resistant, doesn’t have to be sealed and is has practically limitless possibilities when it comes to customization? Look no further than quartz. It’s one of the strongest natural materials, and when combined with polymers during the manufacturing process, creates a practically maintenance-free surface with color options that can mimic natural stones like granite and marble or even create an entirely unique and vibrant look! A modern, no-sheen matte finish that mimics marble is one of the top trends.


Durability and functionality come to mind as the top benefits of granite countertops. The functional surface is also heat resistant and can take a lot of wear and tear. Granite is a naturally beautiful stone that comes in the full spectrum of colors, so it’s easy to coordinate with particular styles and palates. Right now, earthy beiges and warm browns and grays and cool blues are finding their way into homes across the US. Granite countertops are an excellent investment that can last a lifetime.


Few kitchen surfaces are more stunning than a white marble countertop, but colored and black marble along with slabs featuring deep veins are “in” in a big way. The popular, but pricey natural stone can help you achieve a distinct and elegant look in your kitchen. Both green and black marble paired with bronze or brass fixtures are making a splash in designer kitchens.

Bottom line: Your kitchen is more than a mere place to make a meal, it’s the room in the home where all senses collide. Why not customize your kitchen in a way nourishes your life in a whole new way? From downtown Wilmington to Ocean Isle Beach, Southport, Oak Island and all throughout the Cape Fear Region, The Kitchen Man’s name is synonymous with custom granite countertops, marble countertops, quartz countertops and concrete countertops. Our design team constantly keeps up with countertop trends that can fit your vision for both form and function so your kitchen can work harder for you. Give us a call today to schedule a FREE in-home estimate.