Kitchen Island Ideas

So, you’re ready to start planning your kitchen remodel but you’re not sure what features to include. Whether your space is large or small, if efficiency and added functionality are high priorities, a kitchen island addition should be on your list! And you won’t be the only one with an island on your wishlist. In addition to being one of the top 5 trends for 50+ kitchens, kitchen islands are considered desirable or essential by around 80 percent of home buyers as a whole! Here’s a look at kitchen island ideas that will surely inspire your kitchen design plans.

Sensational Seating

Kitchen Islands are a great way to incorporate additional seating in any kitchen. The bar approach is classic, but have you considered a dining nook? The nook is a growing kitchen trend that provides a stylish and custom seating solution for the heart of your home. Check out these beautifully executed nooks.

Fun Features

Adding an island in your kitchen opens the ability to further personalize the heart of your home. Add open shelving to display appliances, cookware or china. Create a space for all those cookbooks you’ve collected over the years with a built-in bookcase. Put your island on wheels to allow form and function changes at any time. If you’re a wine aficionado, you could incorporate a wine rack and/or wine cooler. Or, if you’re a craft beer enthusiast, you could add a kegerator to keep your favorite brews on tap.

Go Big

Consider yourself a gourmet chef? Culinary masterpieces can be a cinch in a gourmet kitchen with an elongated island island featuring a built-in range and/or stove. The additional prep space and open cook space will have you channeling your inner Giada De Laurentiis in no time! While you’re whipping up deliciousness, you can enjoy friends and family as they gather ‘round the island’s seating area.

Multiple Levels

By incorporating a multi-level kitchen island, you’ll create a space capable of accommodating the home chef or host as well as family members and/or friends. The tiered lower level makes hiding meal-prep messes easy with its built-in backsplash. The taller island section serves as an excellent seating space. Below, you’ll have the option to include additional storage space with custom cabinetry. Have plenty of space and need to accommodate a larger group? Consider expanding horizontally with a third tier that includes a lower level table or dining nook.


If you kitchen needs to serve as a family-friendly heart of the home, consider utilizing appropriate materials or paint to “camouflage”  the kids’ wear and tear. Darker paint and wood can help hide scuff marks. Plus, you’ll have the added bonus of incorporating color and personality in the space.

Before selecting a prefabricated kitchen island, consider the options and features a custom kitchen island can provide. Working with a designer, like our experienced team at The Kitchen Man, will help your vision materialize as we walk you through important questions and steps throughout the design process. From creating more counter space to adding additional seating, The Kitchen Man can help transform your kitchen island ideas into a reality!