Top New Kitchen Splurges You’ll be Glad You Made

Getting ready to plan a new kitchen or schedule the remodel of a tired old friend? Well, when you sit down with your kitchen designer (do this very early in the timeline), make sure you discuss what items you may be willing to spend a little extra on up front, a splurge if you will.

Certain items merit spending a little extra money on initially, for great rewards over time. We have a few of those items outlined here that you may want to consider. These range from physical attributes of your total kitchen design, down to specific gadgets you will wish you had later on if you don’t splurge now.

There will be a few things we call “must-haves”, like a waste-recycling center, and soft close drawers and doors, the latter of which used to be a luxury item but has evolved into a definite “must” for convenience and believe it or not, resale. Kitchens that are high in functionality, actually help homes sell for higher prices and in less time. Ceiling height cabinets also serve that dual purpose of increasing your storage, and the value of your home.

So let’s list a few splurge-worthy items with that same duality of purpose in mind:

Stoves and Cooktops

If you are, or plan to become a gourmet cook, the obvious choice for cooking is going to be a six burner gas stove and double ovens. This can be one of the most expensive items in your house, but can certainly add value to your home. A stove like that will need to be discussed with your builder/designer because structural and venting consideration will need to be worked out early in the process. If you are less Wolfgang Puck-like, you may try one the newest types of cooktop, an induction surface. Cheaper than a gas stove, and it can boil a gallon of water in 90 seconds with no heat. Definitely splurge-worthy and high on the cool-factor list.

Lazy Susan

In both upper and lower corner cabinets. These spinning storage units take all the unreachable wasted space out of those corners. They are great on the upper level for everything from spices to canned goods and small appliances like hand mixers and electric can openers that you don’t want cluttering your counter space. The lower is perfect for small saucepans and lids, even some appliances like toasters and stand mixers.

Stone Countertops

While stone or quartz countertops will run you many times the cost of a laminate, the investment will be almost instantly and totally returned to you in home value. A stunning island with a dramatic stone top will last a lifetime and create a basis for the rest of your kitchen design and decor.

Wine Coolers

If you enjoy wine, then this may not even be a splurge for you. But a wine cooler can free up space in your refrigerator, keep your wines at the optimal drinking temperature, and only take up the space of a single lower cabinet. Affordably priced, and again, someone looking to purchase your home in the future may find this just the right item to cinch the deal and close.

Cabinet Hardware

Regardless of how much you spend on your cabinetry, a set of custom hardware can make them look much better than whatever they were shipped with. You can spend anywhere for a few dollars up to $100 each for what we like to call “cabinet jewelry”. This is an item you don’t have to go with right away and can always add later as you see fit.

Vegetable Sink

This is one of those items that nobody thinks they would want or need until they see one, they wish they had one for the rest of their lives. Multi-purpose, great to look at, fun to use, splurging on this sink will pay you back in not only resale value, but as a conversation starter for years to come.

Hideaway Mount and Flat Screen TV

Definitely a splurge item, but with the technology of today, a small smart-TV can be a place to “cast” a video recipe from your smartphone, watch the final moments of a game while preparing dinner, or stream music while you cook. Mounts are available that completely hide the flat screen under the cabinets while not in use and whole-house wi-fi means it simply needs power and no other cabling.

We hope this list gives you a few ideas for turning your kitchen into the family hub it should be and some talking points for you and your kitchen designer. We also hope that when ready, you will turn to the experts right here at the Kitchen Man. Our friendly and knowledgeable designers are certified as some of the best in the business and come very highly recommended. Ask for referrals from current customers when you call.