4 Things You’ll Never Worry About with Quartz Countertops

Natural stone counters can often be real difficult to handle – beautiful but high maintenance. However, quartz countertops are stunners that require almost no extra work. A combination of natural stone and pressed resins, quartz is definitely a luxurious option for kitchen and bathroom countertops that is resistant to both heat and chipping.

Life gives you enough to worry about without adding your countertops to the list, so we’ve put together four problems you’ll never have to worry about when you install quartz in your kitchen and/or bathrooms.

1. Annual Sealing

Unlike natural stone, which requires yearly sealing of the its pores, quartz is nonporous and does not need to be sealed.

2. Careless Guests

No matter how many conversation nooks or entertainment areas you create in your home, your guests will likely end up gathered around your kitchen island, eating delicious treats, and toasting with wine-filled glasses.

Luckily, there’s not much your guests can do to damage quartz. These countertops laugh at acidic spills from foods like tomato sauce or wine, and resist scratches and knicks. Don’t be afraid to host get togethers at your home – your quartz counters will be able to handle it!

3. Warping

Laminate counters come in what seems like thousands of colors and patterns, but they tend to peel, chip, burn, and warp. Even wood countertops, loved because of the warmth they bring to a room, are easily scratched and burned.

Quartz, however, will not warp because it doesn’t soak up water and it cannot burn, scratch or chip.

4. Unexpected Colors

No two slabs of natural stone are ever perfectly alike – even carving slabs from the same section of stone won’t prohibit you from ending up with slightly different looking counters. This variability is awesome if you want one-of-a-kind counters or enjoy the unexpected.

Since the material is manufactured, what you see in a sample is what you end up with when choosing quartz countertops.

When you install quartz countertops, you can rest easy knowing that your counters have all the beauty AND the brawn. If you have any questions about the various quartz countertop options available to you or are interested in scheduling a free estimate, contact us here at The Kitchen Man!