Planning and Footprint

At the Kitchen Man, we believe the most important part of any kitchen remodeling project is THE PLAN. Homeowners start dreaming about a new kitchen and thoughts of lighting and appliances, flooring and cabinets start floating around in their heads. We all dream big, and colors and materials start to get ahead of the reality of designing a kitchen that fits not only our space but our family, our culinary needs, storage, and utility.

Think about the planning stage as your guide to not only getting everything you have dreamed about, but also as a way to help make sure you get the most out your investment, after all, if your newly remodeled kitchen does not add value to your home or make a statement for when you decide to sell, what was the point?

The planning stage should actually take much longer than the actual kitchen remodel itself and The Kitchen Man can assist you with this right from the beginning. We want to make sure you get the things that will make you happy in your new kitchen, but with an eye to your realistic budget, and the reality of designing a kitchen that you will actually use. Walk-in pantries are nice, but if there are just two of you in the home, could that space be put to better use? These are the reasons that it make sense for a design professional to be involved with you right from the beginning.

A professional can look at things early on, like your existing kitchen footprint, appliances you may want to repurpose and help you design within those constraints. This can save you thousands of dollars by working within that space and not adding unnecessary square footage. At The Kitchen Man, we have special software and tools to help put together a kitchen design that is flexible and easy to see how changing the layout can open space, add storage, provide the most countertop space or add/subtract appliance sizes on-the-fly.

Using our design software can help give you the kitchen of your dreams, but with all the form, function, usefulness and value you need to get the most out of your investment.