Designing A BoHo Kitchen

Bohemian style or boho as it is called these days is an eclectic mix of colors and patterns and while it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it can even be utilized in your kitchen.

The boho look is all about mixing and matching unique pieces together to create something beautiful, vibrant and magical. The bohemian themed design is nature-inspired and an outlet for self-expression and creativity – We’re not just talking “Hippie Chic” or “flower child” here, this is a meaningful, yet relaxed look.

Begin By Choosing The Colors

A real bohemian look captures happy colors in a whimsical, and some say haphazard way. But done correctly, this jumble of color can bring about a peacefulness that expresses your inner calm. Options can range from bright feature walls, with paisley patterned dinner plates, and may even include brightly colored, mismatched furniture! Start with happy colors, mostly inspired by nature and then kick them up a notch.

Remember, Nature Inspired

Bring some of the outside, in. Potted plants that thrive well indoors, some hanging plants in baskets. Plant or garden-themed paintings, prints or other art can add warmth and a specific ambience to your Kitchen. Rustic timbers also lend themselves very nicely to boho design, so ask your kitchen remodeler early on about how to integrate this natural beauty into your space. You may find or have built a beautiful handmade timber dining table, some rustic shelves and your countertops should most definitely be a natural stone product!

Choose Vibrant Patterns

Patterns are a big part of what it takes to create a true boho inspired interior. From patterned tiles to decorative plates to a colorful backsplash, these can all be used to convey “the look”. But don’t stop there. Your floor and ceiling can make quite an impact and also look for handmade goods with unique patterns to display. Finish off your boho look with patterned tablecloths, vases, plates, candles and some earthy baskets.

Create Some Natural Chaos

Think, organic mess and you will be close to the underlying design element of the boho look. Think more along the lines of “natural mess”. Things don’t have to be lined up or placed perfectly in a bohemian space. Have fun, mess things up a little and realize that you can relax more in a space that looks lived in. Stack plates, layer materials, hang stuff in unusual places and be creative with your presentation. This will create a more natural atmosphere in your kitchen and you will be showing off your boho style!

Remember to involve your professional kitchen designer very early on in the planning stages of your new kitchen, and together you can just enjoy the act of creating a beautiful, comfy space in your home.