Decorating and Accessorizing Your New Kitchen

So, you pulled the trigger, bit the bullet, jumped on the bandwagon and decided to remodel your kitchen. New cabinets, gorgeous countertops, shiny new hardware, and fancy appliances. But one thing you will need to discuss with your kitchen remodeling professional at the beginning of the planning process is the décor!

Just as there are rules when it comes to designing a kitchen, the plan, the footprint, the budget … there are also some rules of thumb when decorating, especially if you want to achieve the look you have dreamed of.

We’ve covered a few basics below, and a few things you may not have thought about …


Which stools do you need for the countertop height in your design?

Obviously, you need to select a stool with the right seat height for your countertop. You don’t want to be stretching or slouching because you chose the wrong stool. There are two general height choices; either a bar stool or a counter stool. Bar stools are for raised countertops and have a seat height of 30”, while counter stools have a seat height of just 24” and are more comfortable for sitting at a standard kitchen countertop.

Glass Front Cabinets:

Glass inserts in cabinets are definitely cool and can break up an overwhelming wall of cabinetry, providing some visual interest to your kitchen. They work well for displaying your most prized pieces of china, and can help add a touch of style to your space.

But it is always best to display sparingly in your glass front cabinets because if the cabinets look cramped or cluttered, it will take away from the effect. If your kitchen is white, glass-fronted cabinets are an opportunity to add some color by displaying bright vases, plates or even food storage pieces. On the other hand, if your kitchen is dark, you could place only light colored or white decorative pieces, as well as some accent lighting in the cabinets to create some pop!

Pendants Lights:

Pendants over an island or countertop are a great way to add task lighting, but hanging them at the wrong height can cause some headaches … sometimes literally. Hang them too high and they may draw attention to the wrong area of your space. Too low and they can be the cause of those headaches we just mentioned! They can interfere with your line of sight if they are too low. Optimally, pendants should be hung 28-34″ above the counter, or 72′ above the floor.

Pull-Out Trash Containers:

No one really wants to have their trash can sitting out in the open, even if it is one of those fancy stainless-steel jobs with robotic open and close features. Trash should be hidden away. This is the key to having a clean kitchen. We suggest a dual bin (trash and recycling) pullout trash system as part of your new cabinetry. This is one of those options that can add value to your home when you consider selling.

Spice Racks:

Do you have a gourmet cook in your house? Or even somebody that just does all the cooking? They will appreciate this addition immensely. This drawer insert places all your spice bottles at an angle, making them easy to see. No special cabinet is needed to incorporate this option into your kitchen, it simply fits into any drawer! There’s also an option for a spice rack to be added to your lower cabinets where the spices stack side by side and easily pull-out to show all the contents.

Peg Systems Drawers:

Drawer bases are becoming quite popular, replacing the traditional cabinet door configurations in the kitchen. These drawers need to be organized as well, because Items tend to slide around a bit when they are opened. A peg system is a great way to keep items in place in your drawers. The pegs are movable so you can customize to what size items you’re placing in your drawers, whether it be plates, pots, lids, or storage containers.

Taking the time to go over some of these options or needs with your kitchen designer early on in the process can help save time and money later on. Ask the Kitchen Man to show you some samples of how these, and other options can make your life easier, your design more functional, and your kitchen more valuable.