Kitchen Backsplash Trends

From flooring to custom cabinets and countertops, options abound when it comes to personalizing the heart of your home. If you’re finally taking steps to update your kitchen, don’t overlook a feature that not only protects your walls from splatters and steam but adds aesthetic appeal, color and personality. Backsplash tiles can take the look of your dream kitchen to a whole new level.

Benefits of a Backsplash

A well-loved kitchen can be a hotbed for messy activity, so it should come as no surprise that one of the main benefits of a tile backsplash is the utilitarian function of shielding your kitchen’s walls from the gunk that gets stirred up when preparing meals…and serving them if you have young ones. When it comes to keeping things clean, many homeowners enjoy the ease of use of tile. Most tile takes only a simple rag and cleaning spray to erase all evidence of bubbling, boiling messes and sloppy serving techniques.

Outside their functionality, tile backsplashes have other benefits, especially in the design department. Tile backsplashes are ever so customizable. Tile can be used to cover small spaces and emulate existing themes and styles or can be used on full walls to add immense points of visual interest throughout your entire kitchen. The selection of colors, materials and patterns create nearly limitless possibilities to transform your kitchen from drab to fab, but what’s in style?

Popular Choices

Subway tile is a timeless classic utilized in commercial and residential kitchens, alike. Typically known for it’s unadorned, minimalist style, some homeowners choose to replace the often understated color schemes with bold colors and patterns.

Another popular backsplash choice is mosaic tile. Mosaic tile is a great way to add an eclectic mix of colors and patterns with a diverse array of material options like stone, ceramic and glass. You can even “get outside the box” and go with oval tiles rather than traditional square or rectangle.

Blending backsplash materials is also becoming a popular option for those going for a nature-inspired look in their kitchen. Think limestone and crushed glass or copper paired with marble to mimic earth, water and sky.

While the fresh look of new custom countertops stands out in any kitchen, the backsplash can make a bold statement or seamlessly complement your style. At the Kitchen Man, our design team is keeping up with the latest trends so we can give guidance and help you make the most out of your investment. Give The Kitchen Man a call at (910) 408-1322 or contact us online. We offer 20 years of experience in high-end custom design in “homes of the rich and famous” to Wilmington and Southport and beyond with a speedy turnaround time.