Things to Consider Before Beginning Your Bathroom Renovation

When it comes to remodeling projects, kitchens and bathrooms tend to top the list as popular picks for homeowners in Wilmington NC and surrounding areas. From the sink and tile to the cabinets and countertops, a bathroom renovation and kitchen renovation have many commonalities when it comes to the upgradable features. Consumer Reports says while 52% of real estate professionals consider the kitchen the most important room to influence a home sale, 42% believe the bathroom is most important room. Whether renovating for your personal satisfaction of for an impending sale, we’ve rounded up a list of questions to answer before working with a contractor on a bathroom remodel.



Are you updating your bathroom for your family or to attract buyers?

By answering this question, you’ll give your contractor a foundation for many potential recommendations and considerations. If the goal of your renovation is to create a personalized and functional space for yourself, you’ll likely have a higher degree of specificity when it comes to particular styles and materials. If you’re renovating with intent to sell, a good contractor or designer can give guidance on popular trends and features that tend to have a higher ROI.

What’s your budget?

Sure, a spa-like space featuring a clawfoot tub, gorgeous wall-to-wall marble tile and a built-in towel warmer would be great, but let’s be real. Unless you’re prepared to spend tens of thousands of dollars on your bathroom renovation, your need to set realistic expectations of what you can expect to accomplish with your specific budget. A good contractor and designer will work respect that budget and give guidance accordingly when needed.

How many people will use this space on a regular basis?

If you’re renovating the hall bath shared by your 4 children, you’ll want to consider making the space work well for their uses. Dual sinks can double the amount of teeth brushing that can take place at one time. Cabinet drawers with adjustable compartments can give each kid their own space to store personal care products.

What are your outlet needs?

Do you use a hair dryer, curling iron or other devices? Need a place to charge your electric toothbrush or phone? It’s not something that often comes to mind, but electrical outlets are often overlooked features in bathrooms. So keep in mind your specific needs and what positioning would work best.

Do you plan to be in this house when you’re older?

If you’re renovating the space with the intent of aging in place, it’s a good idea to keep in mind how mobility or eyesight issues could affect your ability to navigate and fully utilize your bathroom. Consider optimizing certain features like the bath and toilet so they can easily accommodate your needs in the future.

Whether your bathroom just needs a little refresher like new countertops on your aging vanity or you want to fully transform your space, The Kitchen Man can help. Our Wilmington NC custom counters and cabinets are top of the line and professionally installed. Contact us today to turn your bathroom renovation dreams into a reality!